March 23, 2017
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STRATEGIC AFFAIRS, bi-monthly military affairs publication of Stratcore Group, covers a wide range of defence issues involving military strategy, weapons as well as various platforms, and geo-politics involving Afro-Asian region while focusing India. The magazine’s prime contents are well researched articles meant for Indian, Asian and African readers, enriched with exclusive information and insightful analysis.    

The magazine which is being brought out by Stratcore Group, caters to the armed forces, policy makers, military strategists and defence planners as well as political leadership of India and adjoining countries. Widely acknowledged as the definitive guide for governments, military leaders and strategists seeking to formulate impact making policies, it currently has a certified circulation of over 47,350 copies (as per assessment for year 2014-15) per edition.

Extensively researched, and written with clarity and insight, the magazine covers three key issues: Military, Armament and Strategy. In fact, all three areas complement each other for an effective strategic-defence assessment and military industrial planning which is necessary for a country like India to rise as a global power.

Unlike the general run of news magazines, STRATEGIC AFFAIRS has a shelf life that extends far beyond the news period covered. Its longevity and exclusivity combine to make it the favorite of advertisers seeking to reach out to the crème de la crème of our prime clients, the policymakers who are responsible for defence needs of Indian armed forces.

STRATEGIC AFFAIRS discusses all aspects of military security and future strategic defence developments in the Afro-Asian region. Indeed, armament, war strategies, technical collaborations, defence acquisitions, research & development, regional military groupings, joint exercises, military history, all are comprehensively dealt with an engaging reader-friendly format.

And we do this in a manner that ensures clearer understanding of complex issues, and speedy conflict resolution. Accordingly, a good part of our effort goes into updating the region's military leadership and armament manufacturers on the geo-political and other changes taking place around the world.

Well over half of the magazine's pages are devoted to military security, and examine diplomatic issues from a military perspective. The Armament section highlights new products, R&D, joint ventures and futuristic defence technologies to familiarize the Indian Armed Forces about the Revolution in Military Affairs (RMA) being introduced by leading militaries.

With 42 staff in India and abroad, magazine's defence experts, product analysts, strategic analysts and military historians are thus constantly engaged in the creation of new conflict management modules to replace outworn strategies, saving both time and resources. And we are just a click away. Our website has it all.

All this gives STRATEGIC AFFAIRS a special place in an environment deluged with recycled news masquerading as the real thing.