October 26, 2021
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Futuristic approach
MBDA reveals future rapid response missile concept

A new concept in missiles that can rapidly navigate busy airspace without using GPS or revealing their origin has been unveiled. The proposed system, known as Hoplite, would enable troops to automatically call up precise strikes without having to wait for the surrounding airspace to clear or for a human operator to plan the missiles’ route.

The idea which was revealed at the Paris Air Show, is the latest to emerge from European missile firm MBDA’s annual Concept Visions program, which aims to set out what military projectiles might look like in the future and how they might overcome problems faced today.

The Hoplite concept was designed to tackle several issues with surface-to-surface missile attacks, notably the need to clear surrounding airspace of friendly craft before a strike and the reliance of missile navigation systems on GPS, which can be relatively easily jammed.

In order to make the missile system more easily adapted to a variety of vehicles, the rock
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