October 17, 2021
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Innovative tool
Cassidian demonstrates new technologies

A next generation Vehicle Protection Jammer that can detect a road side bomb in under a microsecond was being demonstrated last month by Cassidian. The innovative Vehicle Protection Jammer-thought to be the first of its kind in the world-is so advanced that it can rapidly alert military personnel to the presence of a road side bomb.

The Cassidian Vehicle Protection Jammer is ultra-fast Smart Responsive Jamming Technology to enhance the protection level substantially. It detects and classifies radio signals intended to ignite a roadside bomb. Then, it responds and transmits in real-time jamming signals tailored exactly to the hostile frequency band.

The device capitalizes on new digital receiver and signal processing technologies to achieve reaction times of well below a microsecond. This avoids the huge diverging loss of output power inherent in earlier-generation barrage jammers and concentrates the jamming energy on currently active threats only.

The Vehicle Protection Jammer core
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