October 16, 2021
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Improving skills
IAF wants more Pilatus trainers

The rookie pilots of Indian Air Force will now be trained on the most modern basic trainer enhancing their flying skills, who in future will be deputed to fly most modern aircrafts like the Rafale, C-17 Globemaster, P-8I, Mi-17V5 etc.

The young pilot recruits of the IAF were earlier being trained on HPT-32 which was phased out in December 2009 after a series of accidents, which proved the lack of airworthiness of these training planes. A total of 19 pilots have died while flying the HPT-32 Deepak trainers.

Since then the young pilot trainees have been getting curtailed training during Stage-1 called the Basic training. The young recruits were forced to fly on Kiran Mark-1 trainer which is normally flown by pilots who have already learnt basic flying skills.

This lack of basic flying has cast a shadow on the flying skills of the pilots who were trained during last three years. The instrumentation and avionics of the HPT-32 were obsolete which were not giving full training according to the r
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