October 17, 2021
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Art of perfection
Training simulators and Indian Armed Forces

Nowadays it seems almost axiomatic that every weapons platform must be accompanied by a simulator that mimics its every capability if the soldier is to fulfill the role assigned to him. Such is the nature of the revolution in military affairs that warfare, that extremely costly investment in national territorial integrity and sovereignty can be cheaper over time than was, say, a decade ago.

After the initial cost of the weapons platform plus an adequate number of simulators that will enable a unit in every fighting arm to practice both for individual skills as well as cogs in a collective machinery, the cost-benefit factor begins to work favorably for the nation that is willing and able to take full advantage of the new arrangement.

Nonetheless, in spite of the felt need for simulators at almost every stage of training for both existing as well as new acquisitions, the manufacturer is not always very keen to add simulators as sweeteners to a deal since it cuts down on his expected income from replenishments of spare parts and components that would
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