October 26, 2021
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Futuristic outlook
Rafael gears up for Israel’s new defense era

Rafael Advanced Defense Systems is reorganizing amid plans to restructure Israel’s armed forces for a new era of warfare. Rafael  will establish a new Land Systems Division to develop and produce land warfare systems as well as naval systems, that will include security systems to protect land and marine facilities such as Israel’s offshore natural gas fields in the eastern Mediterranean.

The company will also establish research and development and engineering division to coordinate activities in areas where the company has a track record of success, including the Iron Dome missile interceptor. The company invests more than 8 percent of its revenue in R&D annually.

Rafael will also establish a new air systems directorate, which will oversee intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition and reconnaissance, or ISTAR, networking and communications as well as air-to-ground strike weapons.

The company will develop a new air dominance directorate, which will
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