October 26, 2021
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Securing networks
Indra creates an advanced cyber security operations center

Indra has created i-CSOC (Cyber Security Operations Center), a new center specialized in cyber security operations, from which it provides protection for systems and networks for companies, organizations and institutions that require it.

Indra’s centre was founded with the aim of becoming an international benchmark. It has approximately 100 experts working together in a 500-m2 facility fitted out and equipped with the most advanced technology.

i-CSOC has a cyber security laboratory, which differentiates it from similar centers. From there it analyses new technologies, develops solutions and simulates attacks in secure environments. It also conducts forensic analyses of attacks and malware-after the fact-to design cyber security solutions.

Another feature that makes i-CSOC unique is its cyber defence area. This area is physically separate from the rest of the center’s working space, shielded and protected from radiation and subject to strict access contro
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