October 17, 2021
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Changing dimensions
Electronic warfare and use of countermeasures

Electronic warfare has long been the fastest changing and the most quickly redundant entity in warfare. That remains constant to this day and the new kink is that even the most ordinary mobile telephone could become a source of jamming and disruption. This makes all emissions suspect and given the plethora of mobile phones the world over electronic counter-measures can very easily become controversial.

The metadata of called numbers that have been scanned by the US National Security Agency and revealed by whistleblower Snowden is but the tip of an iceberg that needs to be kept under constant surveillance if one is not to miss that one quick burst of transmission that passes on a coded message to a terrorist cell. The credibility gap between individual liberties and statal authority is growing and no matter what justifications the government puts forward based on national security considerations, trust will forever be in deficit.

That governments must snoop to retain the credibility of their security systems is a foregone conclusion. It needs to be
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