October 26, 2021
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Sensor fusion
New UAV sensor for better situational awareness

BAE Systems has introduced one of the smallest multispectral sensors available for unmanned systems-an innovation that will help improve soldier situational awareness by reducing the time required to identify targets.

On today’s battlefield, soldiers need the ability to process, understand, and engage with their environment at any time, under any condition or circumstance. The company’s Digitally Fused Sensor System (DFSS) offers a combination of multiple capabilities in a single sensor so that soldiers can intuitively assess a scene using an unmanned vehicle in time-critical situations.

The DFSS system allows soldiers to see laser designator spots even in darkness, making it easier to coordinate and confirm target marking with unmanned aerial vehicles. The shading and high-definition imagery provide depth to the scene, and rapid target acquisition is enabled when the system cues the operator to potential problem areas.

By blending low-light and infrared images in
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