October 17, 2021
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Ignorant approach
Need for the acquisition of submarine rescue ship

The tragic accident in the Indian Navy  Kilo class Submarine INS Sindhurakshak has once again focused on the need to have a Submarine Rescue Vessel, which the Indian Navy  has been urging the government to acquire.

In view of India’s plans to acquire several more nuclear submarines, this becomes all the more necessary to have this facility. Since accidents in submarines are very rare, the government has been ignoring the urgent necessity of possessing such facility. According to naval officials, the acquisition plan of such vessels falls low in priority because of funds constraints.

The defence minister A K Antony had to sadly inform the Indian Parliament on 19th August that “Globally renowned professional salvage agencies have been approached and they are undertaking the survey for salvage operations. There is also an offer of help from Russia, where the refit and upgrade had been undertaken.” According to naval officials the Singapore office of a Dutch company was requisitioned to deploy its salvage personnel on th
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