October 17, 2021
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Combined initiative
Spain tests future maritime surveillance system

Recently Indra worked with the Civil Guard to launch the first test at sea of the Perseus (Protection of European BoRders and Seas through the IntElligent Use of Surveillance) R&D project. This initiative is led by the technological multinational and is aimed at developing new maritime surveillance capabilities for all of Europe.

The test included detecting a vessel that departed from Melilla and simulated transporting immigrants illegally.

The operation for the vessel’s detection, monitoring and subsequent detention was led and coordinated from the national coordination centre of the Civil Guard’s Administrative Offices located in Madrid.

To do so, a CN-235 Civil Guard plane carried out an open water surveillance mission. The necessary orders were sent from the control centre, and the information was received in real time by the aircraft. The plane detected and identified the target and proceeded to monitor it.

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