October 17, 2021
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Smart innovation
Bomb-detecting lasers could improve security checkpoints

According to Michigan State University, bomb detecting lasers might be implemented in the fight against terrorism. The laser-based technique could have substantial applications in monitoring packages and luggage, as they are passing through security checkpoints at airports. Ultimately, researchers believe it could radically improve our ability to detect and address explosive devices, thereby improving homeland security.

In the latest edition of Applied Physics Letters, a Michigan State University chemistry professor, Marcos Dantus, has designed a laser-based system capable of detecting infinitesimal traces of some of the chemicals used in bomb making. The technique is able to scan garments of clothing, as well as a traveler’s luggage, and immediately generates an image of a dubious substance’s location.

Originally, the laser was being designed for facilitating the pain-free detection of skin cancers, harnessing the power of a series of intermittent pulses to accurately differentiate between molecules of the skin. This procedu
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