October 17, 2021
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Efficient shelters
NSRDEC deploys energy saving tents for testing

Wherever soldiers go, shelters must go, too. These shelter systems must not only protect and provide comfort; they must also be as energy efficient as possible. Every time a base camp needs fuel delivered, that camp and its warfighters are exposed to vulnerabilities.

That’s why a group of shelters were sent to the Southwest Asia Area of Responsibility to be tested by both the Army and Air Force recently as part of the “Advanced, Energy-Efficient Shelter Systems for Contingency Basing and Other Applications” program.

Most of the shelters being tested are 20 feet wide by 32 feet long, and are equipped with various energy-saving technologies that must adapt to the environments warfighters face: median temperatures ranging from minus 25 to 120 degrees Fahrenheit in all sorts of weather.

Tent fabrics have to be durable, mildew resistant, flame resistant, and capable of blackout, which is why it has multiple layers with multiple different functions in these textiles
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