October 26, 2021
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Advanced reconnaissance
Russia to test UAE made drone

Russia’s armed forces will conduct test flights of a drone aircraft from the United Arab Emirates early next year.

The unmanned United 40 Block 5 long-range reconnaissance vehicle will be tested to assess whether it meets the military’s operational needs. The medium-altitude drone can stay airborne for more than 100 hours and can also be equipped with Namrod air-to-surface guided missiles.

The first drone would be delivered to Russia in February. A preliminary agreement had been reached to sell more test vehicles to the armed forces, depending on the results of the first flights.

According to the manufacturer’s specifications, the United 40 Block 5 is 11 meters long and has two sets of wings with a span of 17.53 meters. It can fly to a height of 8,000 meters (26,000ft) and has a cruising speed of 120-200 kilometers per hour. The drone can carry a payload of up to 100 kilograms (220 pounds) under each of its four wings.

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