October 26, 2021
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Ensuring safety
Missiles could help firefighters put out high-rise blazes

Extinguishing fires in skyscrapers poses a tough challenge to fire departments worldwide and such fires usually cause casualties.

There are more than 350 skyscrapers (buildings higher than 152 meters) in China, and the number is expected to increase rapidly.

There are a lot of pipes, shafts and stairwells in a high-rise building that will greatly speed up the spread of the fire by what is called the ‘stack effect. The complex layout of electrical wiring and the large quantity of electrical equipment in such buildings also helps to drive fires.

Normally, it is difficult to put out fires on the upper floors of a skyscraper because most fire trucks are unable to reach great heights. This means firefighters often have to enter a burning building to extinguish it.

In order to sort any major incident of such scale, China has developed missiles that can be fired at high-rise buildings to put ou
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