October 16, 2021
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Force multiplier
Elbit develops technology for helicopter crews

Situational awareness technology advances developed by Elbit Systems of America LLC can now provide helicopter crews the visual cues they need to negotiate landings and takeoffs, even in the most severe degraded visual environments (DVE).

Incorporating technologies such as a Helmet Display and Tracker System (HDTS) with its intuitive 3D conformal grid symbology, Elbit Systems of America demonstrated a greatly enhanced level of mission capability in simulations conducted in the US Army Black Hawk Engineering Analysis Cockpit (BEAC), a fixed-based UH-60L flight simulator.

In these rotary wing simulations, Elbit Systems of America’s HDTS with 3D symbology successfully completed 100 percent of its tests in DVE brownout conditions. Conversely, numerous mission failures were experienced using 2D symbology under identical conditions.

US Army test evaluators stated that Elbit Systems of America’s 3D heads-up conformal symbology demonstrates an exceptionally strong positiv
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