October 17, 2021
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Game changer
Advanced mine hunting capability

Advanced Acoustic Concepts (AAC), a joint venture between DRS Technologies and Thales has successfully demonstrated advanced mine-hunting capabilities with the US Navy. By towing the unmanned high resolution synthetic aperture sonar (T-SAS), the system detected all exercise mines with increased area clearance rates.

The T-SAS system augmented system operators by providing Automatic Target Recognition (ATR) sonar processing, enabling real-time (in-stride) detection and classification of exercise mines while eliminating the requirement to conduct post-mission analysis (PMA).

The high-resolution SAS sensor combined with ATR processing provides fleet operators with improved probability of correct classification and dramatically reduced false alarms. Moreover, by eliminating the substantial PMA time commitment required by traditional mine hunting systems, the T-SAS provides the US Navy with a game-changing capability to increase area clearance rates and reduce the overall mine warfare detect-to-engage timeline.

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