October 26, 2021
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Deceptive attack
Electronic warfare for airborne platforms

One would have thought that given the advancement in radar technology which enabled ground-based militaries to detect and deal with attacking aircraft, the aircraft would have by now become redundant to warfare. It has not.

This is mainly because of concomitant developments that enabled the aircraft to operate and fight in hostile electro-magnetic environments. There is thus a constant struggle for supremacy of the electro-magnetic spectrum that, even while over the years much progress has been made in technology for detecting aircraft in flight, avionics or aviation electronics has managed to keep pace with the threat.

The Israelis have demonstrated that with superior electronic warfare systems they were able to decimate both the Syrian Air Force as well as the Egyptian Air Force during Yom Kippur War of 1973. A grave mismatch between the electronics capabilities of the Israelis and the Arabs led to the destruction of more than 400 Arab aircraft within the first few days of the war. While during the Gulf war in the 1990s, stealth technology provided
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