October 26, 2021
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Suffering setback
Future requirements of Army Aviation Corps

The Indian Army of over 1.1 million soldiers operating in variety of terrain, from high altitude jungles to snowy mountains of Ladakh and Kashmir and plains of Punjab to the hot deserts of Rajasthan is extremely poorly equipped in terms of its aviation equipments.

The Indian Army Aviation Corps first set up in 1986 with a grand vision of providing the army with the wherewithal to reach the inaccessible remote areas with men, weapons and platforms with alacrity has not yet been able to fulfill its plan.

Perhaps the IAF, which has been the repository of major aviation equipments, seems to be a major barrier in allowing the Army Aviation Corps to progress on its vision.

However, of late the MoD seems to have recognized the requirement of various categories of helicopters for tactical support at the far flung border areas, where the rival forces are face to face with the Indian soldiers.

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