October 17, 2021
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Heavy protection
Armored fighting vehicles modernization

It could be said that the modernization of the Indian Army’s Armored Corps is progressing by fits and starts while the Mechanized Infantry is in the throes of formulating the basic parameters of its Future Main Battle Tank and Future Infantry Combat Vehicle to be inducted in the second quarter of the 21st century.

The past year has seen debates in depth around the world about what kind of facilities should be incorporated in the fighting vehicles of the next decades with choices in the paramountcy of protection, survivability, mobility or lethality as per the peculiar threat perceptions of regional and global armies.

Willy-nilly attention is turned to India which has emerged as the largest importer of weapons platforms in the world and foreign manufacturers have begun to position themselves to be able to penetrate the Indian market by providing the designs and the know-how through private sector collaborators.

In the Armored Corps the T-90 tank is the main battle tank with the
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