October 17, 2021
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Plugging loopholes
Border surveillance and reconnaissance needs of Indian military

Indian armed forces are now focusing on the advancement in new generation military technology realizing the eventuality of a possible two front attack.

India’s hostile neighbors, Pakistan and China, pose serious threats to Indian national security architecture. The terrorist activities in Pakistan and infiltration into Indian territory has become a regular, but difficult to manage, affair. Further, China’s military modernization, capacity-building, infrastructure development in Tibet, and strategic moves into the Indian Ocean pose serious challenges to India’s security. China’s growing footprint in South Asia and attempts to bring peripheral states into its circle of influence only add to these concerns. In recent years, Beijing has subtly joined the Kashmir dispute, weighing in on Pakistan’s side and causing New Delhi much discomfort.

Although China tends to underplay the threat from India, both in terms of India’s military modernization and existing capabilities, Beijing has recently exhibit
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