October 26, 2021
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Impenetrable defence
The threats of NBC attack and modern shelters

As the security environment in the South Asian region remains volatile and the armies of three countries India, Pakistan and China continue to face each other backed by a force of hundreds of nuclear bombs the governments are gearing up for a contingency plan and preparations for protecting the citizens from nuclear catastrophe.

India has set up a National Disaster Management Authority under which a National Disaster Response Force has been constituted. Besides creating a well trained army of relief and rescue team post nuclear attack, the government is working on installing heavy bunkers for national political and military leadership so as to avoid creating a leadership void in the country.

Out of ten battalions created for the purpose of relief and rescue during natural or manmade disasters,   four have been dedicated for the nuclear, biological and chemical disaster.

However to help avoid the fallout of the NBC attack the bunkers are being installed but only politi
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