October 26, 2021
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Information grid
Delay hits acquisition of tactical communication system

In so far as the acquisition of state of the art and well equipped communication systems is concerned, the Indian Army appears to be a laggard in comparison to the two other services.

For instance, the sturdy  and versatile fibre optic based Air Force Network (AFNET) introduced by the Indian Air Force (IAF) would serve as a reliable platform on which air control and command systems would be developed to facilitate the link up of command bases, radars, missile batteries, air borne fighters and other resources.

The AFNET, which was put in place as a substitute for the highly obsolete tropo-scatter communications system, is based on most upto date data transfer technology in the form of IP packets over the network using Multi Protocol Label Switching (MPLS). As it is, under AFNET all leading formations and static facilities would be linked up through WAN (Wide Area Network) and as such would be accessible via data communications channels. More importantly, AFNET will be allowed to access a slew of transponders on board INSAT/GSAT spac
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