October 26, 2021
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Deep penetration
Laser technology and possible challenges for India

After the laser ‘dazzler’ that can disorient an enemy fighter pilot or disrupt the guidance system of airborne missiles emerged from the Defence Research and Development Organisation laboratories other uses for the technology have been contemplated.

At the recent Defexpo 2014 on display was a Laser Science and Technology Centre produced Laser Ordnance Disposal System mounted on a one-ton like vehicle designed to seek and destroy landmines and improvised explosive devices. It is a requirement that has been acutely felt during the anti-Maoist operations in the dense jungles of the Jharkhand-Chhattisgarh-Odisha salient. Minefields and IEDs have long been a part of the Maoist-Naxalite tactic in the ambush laid to trap security forces in hot pursuit.

Using a solid state laser to detect mines and IEDs from a distance of 250 meters it can burn them in situ.

Mounted on a four-wheeled light specialist vehicle (LSV) it carries a compact onboard generator to power the sen
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