October 17, 2021
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Pointed kill
Laser weapons in modern battlefield

After the pilotless aircrafts, combat drones and the satellite monitored net centric warfare, the laser technology will dramatically change the way the soldiers of two rival nations fight.

The laser has been one of the most fascinating discoveries of 20th Century, which is now being put to use in military domain. The leading armed forces of the world are on the verge of entering laser age, which will determine the superiority of  a nation in defending itself from offensive weapons ranging from ballistic missiles to fighter planes, guns and rockets.

The laser age will mimic the Star Wars concept of the eighties, and the US defence industry  may probably take a lead in this as billions of dollars is being  pumped in  by the US armed forces.  

Called the ultimate death ray weapons, the laser weapons, already in very advanced stage of development or already delivered to US armed forces, range from anti ballistic missiles to anti-drones  and anti-aircraft to&nbs
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