October 26, 2021
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Improved connectivity
Apps on a map links the command post and soldiers

Today’s consumers enjoy both a common look and feel and interoperability between their computers, tablets and smartphones. Through recent advances in the Common Operating Environment, known as the COE, the US Army is well on its way to providing these same capabilities to Soldiers.

Whether accessing information on secure handheld devices, vehicle mounted systems or command post screens, Soldiers are beginning to see a “plug and play” experience similar to what has become the norm in daily home and office environments.

While technical, security and procedural challenges remain before the Army can fully mirror the simplicity of the commercial communications environment, the adoption of the COE is already supporting improved connectivity on the battlefield and faster development of new technologies, officials said.

The three computing environments (CEs) that support the tactical realm-the Command Post, or CP CE, Mounted, known as MCE, and Mobile/Handheld CE-ha
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