October 26, 2021
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Multilayered defence
Early acquisition of VSHORAD is important

The then Chief of Army Staff General V K Singh had warned almost three years ago that Indian Army’s air defence system has become obsolete. This was a startling admission coming from the Chief of Army Staff, who is generally not supposed to reveal such shortcomings openly on such sensitive issues relating to the actual position of the existing armaments.

However, it is now known fact that he was just stating the truth as India lacks many air defence mechanisms even to protect the main cities of the country in case of any emergency or deadly attack.

The Indian cities are very poorly protected from short range rockets or missiles which are likely to be fired from across the border by the terror groups or even by the Pakistan army during an undeclared war.

An on the top of it, India has not been even able to acquire the Very Short Range Air Defence Missile, for it is very critical for protection of major cities and ports of the country.

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