October 16, 2021
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Impregnable fort
India needs to strengthen the radar network

In the age of ballistic missiles and supersonic fighters, the deployment of advance air intrusion warning systems have acquired greater relevance. Indian defence establishment is working on a plan to modernize country’s radar network to make its air space impregnable. But this is much behind the schedule.

Though the rival neighboring countries are also making their skies impenetrable for the Indian fighters to prevent them from entering their territory, in Indian defence forces, which made a grand start almost a decade ago with the decision to acquire three AWACAS made with Russian and Israeli collaboration, no additional air borne surveillance systems has yet been made operational.

The Brazilian Embraer based AEW&C is still in the final stages of induction, three of which has been acquired almost six years ago.

Further the deployment of long range and low level surveillance capable advanced radar network has moved at a slow pace and has not been given priority. The c
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