October 26, 2021
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Digital combat
Modern military operations and NCW capability

NCW provides a level of situational awareness that allows the military to be more flexible, which increases mission effectiveness. However, it is clear that NCW is not by any means without flaws. A heavy reliance on technology is problematic, as it cannot be ruled out that technology may fail, may not be available at the time, or may be targeted by an enemy to reduce war-fighting capability.

As NCW becomes more predominant, steps must be taken to safeguard it from malicious action. It is also imperative that forces can operate in a fall back mode without the NCW doctrine, if required of them.   

No matter the advancements in robotics, the importance of the ‘man behind the machine’ will remain relevant. This is equally applicable to Network Centric Warfare (NCW). The success of NCW rests on the idea that information is only useful if it enables more effective action. Significantly, the key to success of NCW is not technology but people who will use it-the human dimension, which is based on professional mastery and mission comm
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