October 26, 2021
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Robotic combat
India’s requirement of UCAV

Conceived in 2007 the Indian unmanned strike air vehicle (USAV)-an attack version of the reconnaissance and surveillance and strike type of unmanned aerial vehicle that has had an impressive record of precision drone attacks against Islamist terrorists in the tribal belt in Pakistan’s Waziristan - should come out of the project definition stage by 2015. It is projected to be ready for squadron service by 2020. One will have to say “god willing” given the fact that the Kaveri gas turbine engine has failed to be ready to be integrated to the production series of the Tejas light combat aircraft - the original mission for which it was created.

To rescue something of value from the GTX engine the Defence Research and Development Organisation decided to develop and utilize the core of the original GTX Kaveri engine (named Kabini) for other applications like power plant for India’s unmanned strike air vehicle. Other intended applications include power plant for the proposed Indian medium combat aircraft; replacing the German MTU engine in the indigenous Arjun with a gas turbine and retrofit the engine in all armo
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