October 17, 2021
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Digital nomads
Nanotechnology for soldiers to fight 21st century war

With the advent of nanotechnology in military warfare, it is no more a dream or a just science fiction where aliens invade Earth and return without getting injured despite heavy exchange of ground fire from best equipped soldiers having ultra decimated guns at their hands.  

The aliens could escape because they had nano-particles inside the body of their soldiers which had given them extra speed, extra mobility and extra lethality to deal with fire from the ground and their body can be cured and repaired immediately if there is any damage using nanotechnology.    

Because the nano-technology inside their body makes them hard to deal with the situation but it is ultra soft to flow around with the movement of blood, this makes them immortal as the damaged nano-particles can be replaced with rapid detection.  

Military scientists frequently claim that nanotechnology will transform the future of warfare, integrating soldiers and machines into the dig
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