October 26, 2021
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Correcting flaws
Need of night fighting capabilities

For long, the cry was heard that the Indian Army was largely “night blind” or unable to fight a war in the dark. This was hardly an admission that any modern, self-respecting, fighting force should make. Yet, through well-placed leaks and frequent innuendos the impression was created that the Indian Army was deficit in at least one of the capabilities that a modern-day war requires.

The implication was that most of the tank and mechanized forces would not be able to be utilized during night-time because of an inability to see in the darkness-a fatal flaw in modern warfare when the utilization of armor at night is considered to be a major game changer.

There are two aspects to this sordid state of affairs. One is that how was a weapons platform otherwise modern in all respects accepted by the Indian Army without the crucial night vision device?

The three variations of the Russia-built T-70 tanks (T-80 and T-90) were acquired on the basis of qualitative staff requirements (QSR
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