October 16, 2021
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Fighting in dark
Modern warfare and night vision technology

The capability to detect and identify targets at night and under poor visibility conditions has been an essential military requirement for a long time. The modern army’s need to operate at night and under conditions of extremely poor visibility has led in recent years to major advances in the development of night vision devices. Present day war logistics demand sighting and vision capability both during day and night, and under all conditions of weather and terrain.

There are two main devices that the military uses today in order to take advantage of night vision technologies. The first is night vision goggles which are the less common of the two despite the fact that most soldiers are now equipped with them. Goggles look a bit like binoculars and use image intensification to help users scan for enemies in the dark. The second is simply called a night vision device and it looks more like a telescope. It can be mounted on tanks or even reduced in size and mounted on the sight of a gun or weapon for those on duty in the dark. This is a form of the first devices used in the 1930s and it too uses image intensification.
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