October 26, 2021
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Simulating a war
Simulator and training equipment

No doubt, the kill capability of modern military has grown tremendously in recent years due to the advent of latest technologies, yet it is proving to be a hide and seek game since the enemy is also going to put a cocktail of modern technologies with superior war strategy to avoid detection.

Compared to the Cold War Era today’s battlefield has gone from an enemy that was easy to find but hard to kill to an enemy that is hard to find but easy to kill.

Indeed, training consists of an inherent part of better strategy and evolving tactic but due to rising cost most militaries are opting to go for simulated conditions than a real time war exercise or engagement in a true war theatre.      

Indeed, spiraling costs and ever increasing technological advances have given aircraft training technology new importance. However, the simulators are the future of warfare as militaries are finding it hard to sustain budget allocations.

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