October 17, 2021
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Roving wheels
Armored combat vehicle development

The modern battlefield is all about taking risk at a crucial time as the war zone is saturated with mines and high intensity explosives that can spring surprises for armored columns in the midst of a high value operation to secure foot on the ground.

The armored vehicles equipped with modern technology can avoid any mistake or casualty by denying the enemy any advantage of its trap that can harm movement of personnel and vehicles which might be susceptible to IEDs, mines and other types of explosives.

Thus, various militaries are now focusing as how to avoid battlefield casualties and at the same time move faster to occupy strategic positions before the enemy could even realize that the threat has arrived in its back yard, already.   

The armored vehicles which are light, lethal and combat proven can only withstand the needs of modern battlefield onslaught to make it explosive proof and battle winners, provided new technologies are inserted into the development of new generation
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