October 17, 2021
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Rapid reaction
Anti ship missile systems

The regional arms race has brought potent warfare capabilities to many countries that are now eager to either indigenously manufacture or import hi tech and advance military weapons for securing their national interest.

As it is predicted that the future war will be mainly in space or water, navies around the world are now trying to strengthen their offensive and defensive warfare capabilities to counter any uninvited or surprise attack.

The US has already shown its concern with the China and Iran developing anti ship missile systems which might affect the regional military balance. The US also fears that such capability with adversaries will impact its aim of strengthening the presence in East Asia and restrict the entry of United States into the Pacific.

Countering the ASBM is of the greatest importance to US grand strategy for defending American interests in East Asia. The PLA ASBM concept is designed to enable rapid neutralization of forward deployed US naval forces in the region as well as m
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