October 26, 2021
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Kinetic kill
Anti-ship missile and torpedo capabilities

There was a time around the turn of the decade that a scare was created by reports that China has achieved the capability of sinking an aircraft carrier with a hypersonic cruise missile at a distance of nearly 2000 km. The Chinese preferred to call it the “carrier killer” and predicted the removal of the carrier from the order of battle because of its vulnerability, leaving China to push its geo-political ambitions (the assimilation) of Formosa (Taiwan) without hindrance from America.

At about the same time India and Russia jointly created the Brahmos cruise missile. It has proved to be an extremely versatile weapon fulfilling the requirements of the Army (surface-to-surface on land), the Air Force (air-to-surface), the Navy (ship-to-ship) and submarine to ship/land targets. It is the only supersonic missile in the world (three times the speed of sound) and improvements have already been incorporated in the second generation lot that will fly at hypersonic speed of up to seven times the speed of sound. This capability will give the missile a kinetic kill many times greater than its own mass as it smashes into
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