October 16, 2021
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Adding punch
The tank modernization

The Indian armored regiment’s modernization is not as pathetic as the Indian artillery regiments, which has not seen the induction of single Howitzer gun since 1988. However, the modernization program of the armored regiments cannot be said to be satisfactory.

The Indian Army has placed its full reliance on the Russian T-90-S tanks, which are now under assembly in the Heavy Vehicles Factory in Avadi. However the Arjun Mk-2 has emerged as the main competitor and its developer the DRDO has been pushing for its induction in large numbers, but the Army Headquarters have been very reluctant to go whole hog with the indigenous MBT. Earlier the Army had placed orders for 124 Arjun-Mk-1 and under ministry pressure ordered another 118 Arjun Mk-2.

The Arjun Mk-2 is claimed to be better in fire power and speed than the T-90-S and the DRDO wants an order of over 500 to make its production by HVF, Avadi economical.

The Ministry of Defence has already ordered under license production of 1000 T-90-S tanks, T
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