October 17, 2021
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Sea scanners
Underwater unmanned vehicles

Recent events are pointing to an accelerated Pakistani intent to gain ingress into Indian territorial waters and offshore and harbour installations by clandestine means. India will have to correspondingly speed up its efforts to acquire unmanned underwater remotely operated vehicles to handle sabotage and deep submergence rescue vessels (DSRV) to deal with maritime disasters especially involving submarines.

The accidents in Indian submarines have added to the general urgency to acquire rescue vessels most of which are of the unmanned variety designed to utilize maximum space inside the robotic platforms to be able to recover the maximum number of disaster victims in one sortie. The joint exercise between India and the US off Mumbai was intended to help the Indian Navy personnel to be upto date in interoperability and standard operating procedures in the event of a submarine disaster and the need to call on the US for help in the rescue.

DSRV need

There is an agreement between
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