October 16, 2021
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Robust network
Space based communications system for Indian military

Indian defence forces, as part of the strategy to boost operational efficiency and combat fitness at all levels, are looking at acquiring state of the art communications systems that are secure, robust and reliable.

In fact, the massive intelligence failure suffered by the Indian defence forces during and before the 1999 short lived Kargil conflict with Pakistan did bring home the paramount importance of a robust and versatile communications system to stay at the winning edge of the war.

In particular, the satellite based communications system which is immune to environmental dynamics and natural calamities is fast becoming the favourite  choice of the Indian  defence forces. Of course, space based communications cannot replace in toto the ground based  conventional communications systems. But it can  be used in tandem with the ground based communications system  for meeting “certain specific needs” of the Indian defence forces. Moreover, during the moments of natural calamities, when ground based co
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