October 17, 2021
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Sea scanner
Maritime surveillance and Indian Navy

There is evidence of a heartening improvement in maritime surveillance as seen in the pre-emptive interception of suspected Pakistani surface vessels to penetrate Indian territorial waters or indulge in criminal activity on the high seas. But true Indian maritime security lies in a capability to be able to find, track and, if necessary, attack and destroy inimical elements on the high seas and closer inshore in the 200 nautical mile Exclusive Economic Zone and the 20-nm contiguous sea.

The passage of a Chinese nuclear-powered submarine through the Indian Ocean littoral is the kind of development the Indian security network will have to contend with before it can claim to be immune from threats from the seaward side. However, it will need to be bolstered by an improved coverage of the whole littoral by a dedicated network of satellites.

The arrival of Chinese nuclear submarines in ports in Sri Lanka has raised questions about India’s ability to detect and trail these submarines across such vast open sea spaces as the Indian Ocean, the Bay of Bengal
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