October 16, 2021
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Going hi-tech
Soldier modernization and F-INSAS

As modern battlefields get more and more complex, lethal, diverse and multidimensional, the fighting infantry soldiers need to be armed accordingly to face the challenge of operating across the entire spectrum of conflict.

Today’s battlefield scene may not appear in the classic sense, and in today’s world the soldiers may have to think of any urban area as battlefield and face the wrath of a few non state actor, who are much more committed than the state forces and also equally armed with most modern electronic gadgets, bullet proof clothing and head gear equipped with latest communication equipment.

The infamous 26/11 Mumbai terrorist attack of 2008 posed such challenge to Indian armed forces who could not prevent the loss of over 250 innocent men. The terrorists survived and remained active for three days before finally succumbing to the Indian forces. The Afghanistan battlefield also presents such asymmetric scene, where the US Army has deployed nearly 1000 Land Warrior Systems with Stryker brigade combat team from 2009 onwards for evaluation,
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