October 26, 2021
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Detecting threats
Indigenous undersea sensors capability

With concerted attempts to make the oceans transparent and the development of technologies that could make the quietest of submarines detectable, India, with its nuclear doctrine predicated totally to the importance of being undetectable will have to reduce its overdependence on a submarine-based nuclear deterrence.

The “No First Strike” nuclear doctrine is based on the presumption of the inviolability of secrecy and deployability of India’s nuclear strike capability. The proviso that India would resort to massive retaliation only after absorbing a nuclear first strike is becoming increasingly flawed by the technological developments underway.

If India is to retain pre-eminence in the Indian Ocean region it will have to be able to detect and neutralize threats from foreign navies to its own submarines. Recently China has demonstrated that it will enter the Indian Ocean littoral to make a point  and it is still moot that the Chinese submarine presence was pre-notified to the Government or India came to know about it when the submarin
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