October 16, 2021
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Robotic fighters
Role of drones in future warfare

The widespread and successful use of drones i.e., the UCAV in the Af-Pak region has demonstrated its efficacy and necessity in future warfare, especially in a low intensity conflict situation. However, the defence community, world over, is now looking into the possibility of deploying the combat drones in full scale war which can be deployed in the long range and long endurance mission. The drones are now gradually becoming part of the weapons package.

Indian armed forces will have to take a serious note of such drones which are gradually being inducted by them. In fact Pakistan has claimed to have developed a drone in collaboration with China and is reported to be using them on India-Pakistan border. Just a few years ago the US armed forces had a near monopoly in the use of drones in combat zones, but nowadays even a country like Pakistan is claiming to have developed drones that can be used on the Indian border. The use of lethal drones on the borders in South Asia can further lead to rise in tensions and mutual suspicions on each other. According to a Washington DC based think tank New America more than 70 countries have UAVs w
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