October 17, 2021
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Direct hit
Developing modern ATGMs and VSHORADs

In a day and age when “Make in India” is the official buzzword one would legitimately expect that a concentrated and sustained effort would be in the scheme of things to upgrade and improve an indigenously developed anti-tank guided missile (the Nag) and the technology demonstrator Very Short Range Air Defence (VSHORAD) Trishul missile and perceptibly shift India from overdependence on foreign sources for these requirements.

With the recent signing of a contract with the Israelis for their Spike anti-tank missile the inventory for this kind of weapon includes 12 different types of missiles acquired from three foreign sources with the indigenous fire-and- forget Nag fighting a rearguard action to stay within the stable with measly orders.

In the VSHORAD category India has both the Russian Igla as well as the American Stinger missiles in man-portable, shoulder-fired configuration. These are complemented by a range of vehicle-mounted quick-reaction missiles intended to ensure protection to mechanized forces from aircraft and helicopters. Point defe
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