October 26, 2021
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Floating saviors
Submarine rescue technology

With six new submarines to be built indigenously India needs to ensure that a deep sea rescue facility is an integral organic component. While India has one submarine rescue vessel in the form of Nishtar any delay in arriving at the scene of an incident can be fraught with danger for the crew.

The Indian Navy has a huge area of responsibility stretching from the southern tip of Africa in the west to the East China Sea. The modern day requirement for search and rescue is for at least inbuilt floatation systems that will lift the stricken submarine to the surface so that the crew is safe.

There are reports that India is interested in acquiring a new submarine rescue vessel that the Russians (who have suffered several submarine accidents in the past) have unveiled. The first of these vessels is to be inducted into the Russian Navy by the end of this year. It carries paraphernalia like evacuation and decompression chambers required to extricate sailors from a submarine that has met with an accident in the deep sea.

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