October 17, 2021
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Neutralizing threats
Electronic warfare and counter measures

The offshoots of the generic term ‘electronic warfare’ are weapon locating radars, electronic counter and counter-counter measures, observation devices and a host of military/civil tools. It is a realm of almost constant flux where methods and tricks of target acquisition meld into ways of neutralization as soon as the change is detected. If undetected disaster confronts the target nation. The initial US success in the Gulf war against Iraq was attributed to the use of electronic warfare to render Iraqi forces deaf and mute and hence vulnerable.

The products of electronics are strategic in nature and many that have dual uses in both military and civil sectors are closely guarded to ensure that they do not fall into enemy hands. Often it is also seen that nation leading in cutting edge technology do not even share it with military alliances or demand ironclad guarantees like the US insistence on the signing of three pacts intended to prevent proliferation of state-of-the-art technology even among friends. These include the Logistics Support Agreement (LSA), the Communications Interoperability and Security Memoran
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