October 16, 2021
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Warship construction and naval requirement

The Indian Navy has acquired the laudable distinction of converting itself from a ‘buyer’s Navy’  into a ‘builder’s Navy’ by dint of steady accretion of design capabilities in warship building since the establishment of the Directorate of Naval Constructions in 1954.

Today all 46 of a wide mix of different-sized warships from aircraft carrier to submarines to fast attack vessels, are being constructed in Indian shipyards.

Its success lies in the culture of commitment to incremental growth that has been nurtured by far-sighted naval constructors.

Hopefully in the decades to come the Naval Design Organisation will be able to provide the leadership in creating what is emerging as fast-intervention platforms that are stealthy, swift and potently armed.

Evidence of its intrinsic orientation became available when it decided to shift systematically from licensed production of th
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