October 17, 2021
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Boosting capabilities
Space platforms and military communication networks of Indian military

In recent years, outer space has become a strategically vital frontier for the defence forces keen on sustaining their strategic supremacy on the ground and stay at the winning edge of the war.

Indeed, orbiting satellites meant for a variety of end use serve as ‘ears’ and ‘eyes’ in the final frontiers for the armed forces on the lookout for a holistic picture of the strength and weakness of the rival forces.

It is not for nothing that high performance satellites, up in the orbital space, have been described as the ‘unseen guides,’ providing timely and relevant data on a dynamic basis to help the armed forces to take timely and right decisions in the fast changing battlefield scenario.

Along with cyber space, outer space has become a key platform for the defence forces to forge ahead with a winning warfare strategy. Unfortunately, India despite its tremendous strides in space exploration as highlighted by probes to Mo
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