October 17, 2021
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Braving armor
India is creating new generation infantry combat vehicle

Conceived as an armored adjunct to the main battle tank for rapid manoeuvre warfare in the mechanized infantry mode the infantry combat vehicle is fast acquiring acceptability in the urban guerrilla warfare counter-insurgency format.

Created to induct ‘boots on the ground’ to capture and hold territory the intention was to ensure that both elements moved in close support of each other and were thus required to be both armored and able to maintain a cross-country capability in widely different types of terrain ranging from the sand-dunes of the deserts to the scrublands and riverine territory of the plains and even in the mountains where rudimentary roads are available.

It is a versatile weapons platform. India is well on its way to creating an indigenous Future Infantry Combat Vehicle in a public-private partnership project involving foreign participation as well.

Crucial to the creation of this kind of weapons platform are the qualitative staff requiremen
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